How to Measure Corporate America's Reaction to #BLM using Headless Browsers?



The fight for freedom is at core of being a human, and that's why after much patience, these past few weeks Black Lives Matter movement has taken US by storm.

Another storm that hit us in 2020 has been Coronavirus! since the start of the pandemic, pretty much every US company has had a reaction to it. Whether it being closing down stores, implementing new service policies, laying employees off, community outreach and of course sending out emotional letters! I received many Covid-19 emails from sites I forgot I had an account with! Good timing, cuz now I can just delete my account altogether!

So is there a way to measure up how US brands are reacting to these two very different but equally important events? can we somehow capture and visualize the number of times and mentions each corporate has had in each case.


Do Not worry, headless browsers are here to rescue!


So lets find out how 0browser, a headless browser as a service, can help us analyze the most powerful US brand have so far reacted to these 2 trends comparatively.

Let's Code Up!

We have selected 5 top American corporates , Amazon, Tesla, Microsoft, Ford   Chevron, to analyze the use of BLM & Covid related terms on.


As you can find in the github source code here, we use a headless browser to capture a snapshot of each brand's corporate landing and news/blog page.



Then we analyze the captured images using OCR technology provided by Google Cloud Vision API to extract out all text. You can view this data on the graph below.




As you can see, Tesla & Ford mentioned Covid-19 related terms but failed to show any support for BLM movement. on the other hand AmazonMicrosoft & Chevron showed up quite fairly for both causes, with Chevron, a classic american corporate to lead the support in this comparison.


To put all the stuff we talked about in a real practical context, we can check out a demo of how 0Browser , a headless browser as a service, measures corporate americas support for current causes such as BLM movement and covid-19 using Google OCR here on github.

Feel free to use any programming language you want for this but we are using Java-Script and Node for this.